The sliding plate is designed to increase gradually the counter force, as the barrier moves laterally.  The first movement is relatively easy and softens the forces of impacting vehicles reducing passenger injuries. 

After an impact, the barrier can easily be put back into its original position. 

The second movement of the sliding plate braking mechanism is activated only, when the barrier moves laterally more than 400mm and limits additional lateral movement to a maximum of 310mm.


The secret of the BRIDGE-GUARD system - the sliding place.  It is designed to act as a mini impact absorber and considerably reduces the forces transmitted from the impacting vehicle to the bridge structure.  It does this using a unique mechanism which controls and limits lateral movement. 

BRIDGE-GUARD steel barrier is relatively light, which also helps to minimize static strain on bridge structures.  This has been confirmed through actual crash testes.  BRIDGE-GUARD is especially suitable for older bridges