Maintenance Crossings and

Contra Flow Points

GATE-GUARD was designed to create easily accessible maintenance crossing points.  These points are often located at the end of bridges and tunnels.  GATE-GUARD is the ideal product, when carriage ways must be kept fully open during peak traffic hours (day time) and then, at low traffic, is switched to contra flow situations (night time). Just two people can easily open GATE-GUARD in less than 15 minutes.  No special tools are necessary.  All that needs to be done, is to loosen the connecting box beam elements, remove ground anchors and lower the built-in wheels with a hand crank.  The system then moves very easily.  It is capable of being opened up to 60° in both directions.  Minimum standard lenght is 32m.  GATE-GUARD is modular and can be adapted to the local requirements, by simply upgrading with one or more 4.000 mm elements.

Emergency Gates

The integrated emergency gates are highlighted to facilitate locating.  They are 4.000mm wide and can be opened by rescue services or the fire brigade in less than 2 minutes.  In narrow spaces, the emergency gates can be separated completely from the GATE-GUARD construction and rolled parallel to it.