Nissen :
After successful years in the field of agricultural engineering the age of traffic warning equipment began in the mid-1950’s with the development of a traffic warning lamp, the first corresponding Nissen patent application was made in 1956.
Since that time Adolf Nissen Elekrobau built up a worldwide reputation by continuous development and new product development of high-quality and innovative products for traffic safety The company has become a leading manufacturer in Europe with subsidiaries in France, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.
Reasons for this are not least the continuous innovation and the high quality of our products which of course correspond with national and international standards.
Gayk Baumaschinen GmbH specializes in the manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic machinery for the construction of road building infrastructure.
Installation and Design :
Heintzmann South Africa also offer  installation of all the above products and enjoy the back-up of each companies design office