SUPER-RAIL in Central Reserve

SUPER-RAIL offers distinct advantages over standard steel and concrete barriers,  due to the high degree of safety, particularly for passenger vehicles.  It's relatively narrow width and high containment potential makes id ideal for median use.

SUPER-RAIL in narrow Medians

SUPER-RAIL is frequently used, where space is limited.  It can be designed to be double sided with a width of only 880 mm.  Height can be adjusted, where traffic lanes on either side are at different levels.

SUPER-RAIL at the Roadside

SUPER-RAIL is typically used, where roadside hazards exist and where very high containment is desirable.  The barrier is two tiered.  The lower front tier is designed to soften the impact of smaller vehicles and redirect them safely.  The rear rail has the structural strength to redirect larger vehicles.  The system is a combination of box beam and steel guardrail.

SUPER-RAIL at black Spots and other hazardous Locations

SUPER-RAIL is used, where unstable roadside conditions exist, as well as protecting other traffic hazards.  In many places, there is very little room, e.g. in front of gantry sign support posts.  The sys-tem can be mounted directly onto the post's concrete base.  The small lateral movement of the barrier to the post, as well as to the passengers is substantially reduced.

SUPER-RAIL on Bridges

Safety on bridges, flyovers and elevated roads is becoming a major issue.  Due to its low weight, the SUPER-RAIL system is an excellent choice for these situations and offers containment levels from H2 up to H4b.  The design offers simple and economical transitions to standard guardrails or bridge constructions.