Safeguarding Work Zones

VARIO-GUARD provides a positive crashworthy barrier between traffic and workforce.  The barrier is only 400mm wide, excluding the base, which is designed for traffic to drive over, making it especially suitable where road space is limited.

Safeguarding Traffic

VARIO-GUARD has a very high containment capability, tested and approved to H2, i.e. vehicles up to 13.000kg impacting at 70km/h at 20 degree angle.  It is often used at the edge of dangerous road sections or as a median barrier, to provide maximum safety to traffic and to reduce the potential for head-on accidents.

Safeguarding Diversions

Frequently there are diversions in work / maintenance areas which pose a greater threat to traffic.  VARIO-GUARD is an ideal system for channelling and redirecting traffic in a safe way

Permanent Safety

VARIO-GUARD is suitable for use as a median barrier.  the 900mm high barrier has excellent redirecting, as well as containment characteristics when hit. SGGT also offers VARIO-GUARD crashworthy gates (GATE-GUARD and MOBILE-RAIL) which can be installed with this system for use of emergency vehicles and for contra flow requirements.


VARIO GUARD can be transitioned onto other barriers such as MINI-GUARD

Vario-Guard Assembly

Work zones thend to be dynamic and there is frequently a need to move barriers.  This is easy with VARIO-GUARD.  The preassembled 12m elements are linked via rapid connections and each is locked by a single bolt.  They can be moved and reconnected quickly.  It is possible to reconfigure as much as 1.000 m/day.