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Protective Function

The flat, broad base of the barrier is designed for vehicles to drive over it.  In the event of an impact the vehicle’s own weight creates additional barrier stability.  This helps to optimise protection with a very narrow barrier (planned relevant width 200 mm) maximizing available traffic space


MINI-GUARD stacks well and one can store as much as 2.700 linear metres in 100m2.  This is achieved by MINI-GUARD’s special packing.


A standard flatbed truck can deliver to site 336 m of MINI-GUARD (224 elements). It can be quickly assembled by hand.  The traffic flow disruption is minimal.  A team of three or four can install as much as 2.000 m per day.  Assembly is achieved by sliding the elements together.  Connecting tubes are inserted from the top locking them in place.  No anchoring to the road is necessary, except at the beginning and end.

Guiding Function

Work zones frequently have narrow and winding traffic lanes, which require clear delineation and guidance, especially for night time or periods of poor visibility.  MINI-GUARD is equipped with barrier reflectors at top and bottom, making further road markings unnecessary.


Usually, there is minimal damage to MINI-GUARD in typical work site accidents.  If repairs are required, they are straightforward and take very little time.  Normally, it is necessary only to realign the barrier.